Love Will Get You Like A Case of Anthrax

News broke yesterday afternoon that Susan G Komen for the Cure Foundation has severed ties with Planned Parenthood, pulling hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of grants it had awarded the embattled health care provider to fund cancer screenings.

The official reason?

According to, “a new rule forbids the organization from funding any group currently under investigation in Congress. (Planned Parenthood is being investigated by legislators who oppose abortion rights and want to make doubly sure federal funds aren’t being used for abortions). But many assume Komen caved to anti-abortion activists, and possibly to anti-choice higher-ups within the foundation.”

What are your thoughts about this decision? Spineless and cruel? A brave stance against abortion?

The article continues: “Three million women and men visited Planned Parenthood last year. Over the past five years, Susan G. Komen allowed the health centers to provide nearly 170,000 breast exams and 6,400 mammogram referrals.”

In other pink news: On January 30 Pinkberry yogurt co-founder Young Lee pleaded not guilty to assaulting a transient.

To See & Discover

The other day at my start-up-and-stop place of employment, a couple of co-workers discussed complexion and hair color. One is Korean and the other is Chinese:

Korean: I was thinking of coloring my hair light brown.

Chinese: yeah, you are white so it would look good on you?

Korean: what?

Chinese: yeah your skin is white, so a light hair will look nice. You know, my belly is white

Chinese Male Programmer butting into their conversation: I am yellow

Freak Out

Kristen Bell bugs out over sloths:

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