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#WordsofAdvice: Clare Galterio, host of Music Choice’s You&A

I just chatted with the adorable Clare Galterio, a TV personality and host of You&A on the Music Choice Network.  Airing in over 16 million homes (and in over 50 million if you count on demand), Galterio interviews the hottest artists on the scene.  Her cousins are actresses Kate and Rooney Mara and her family owns the Giants and Steelers.  Not only does Clare know about music, pop culture and sports, but she has also started her own gluten free website, The Gluten Free Chick, where she explores gluten free eateries and does some cooking with the chefs.  She also prefers extra large towels. Find out some of her #WordsofAdvice here:

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And Now, Let’s Let Tina Fey Have the Last Word on Kim Kardashian’s Body

Originally posted on TIME:

In an apparent attempt to “break the Internet,” Kim Kardashian bared her booty on the cover of Paper magazine this week. (She also posed with a champagne glass resting on her butt, which was clearly the most impressive part of the photo shoot.)

MORE: The Mean Girls Cast Reunited for a 10th Anniversary Photo Shoot

This got a lot of people talking, gawking, reacting, declaring her butt an empty promise, etc. But it caused some to recall an excerpt from Tina Fey’s 2011 book Bossypants, in which she briefly ruminated on women’s body image. Of course, she ends with a line about Kim Kardashian:

“Now every girl is expected to have Caucasian blue eyes, full Spanish lips, a classic button nose, hairless Asian skin with a California…

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Exercise Exchange

Yesterday I hung up on a stupid interview subject that was really trying my patience. Sometimes even an interesting story is better off left unsaid.

I asked my single male roommate if he could watch LO for ONE HOUR three times a week in exchange I’d cover some of his Park Slope Food Coop shifts. Instead I was met with a request to lower his portion of the monthly payments and asked why my dear husband can’t do it when he’s home on the weekends. Of course, leave it to an unencumbered entitled dude to also try my patience.

This morning I sent out a query to members of my Yahoo mom’s group in the hopes that someone would be up for a 60-min exchange.

Let see what happens.

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Iggy Pop Has a Smart Guy

Iggy Pop looks amazing. To think of all the drugs and alcohol he consumed, lack of sleep he withstood, and exposure to whatever else he should not have been exposed to, he’s a marvel to behold in preserved-ness.

My Jiggly Caliente interview for reals on Univision!

And, this illustration below is totally resonating with me.

Photo Courtesy: Nick

Photo Courtesy: Nick

I am a slobby slob slob but my LO stays fly.

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Let Me Check My Availability

Freelance moms at home, how do you find time for work while your LO demands all of your time.

This morning, I attempted to interview a young designer (also a new mom) who is finding new life as a baby shoe maker. My LO was ready for a nap, having just played with a bunch a kids at a Francophone playdate. I juggled interviewing, photographing her design and fabric swatches, while trying to drink some coffee and breastfeed my LO who was not observing the quietness of the tiny coffeeshop.

It’s moments like those when LO is “going for it,” crying, hitting for attention that I wonder if I’m doing right by him.

But I digress…

The interview finished, photos taken and I managed to properly record the conversation so job well done.

As I walked home, I thought of the Boardwalk Empire finale, which aired last night. Not the most satisfying ending but overall it was a fabulous show. I guess in the end the show was about Nucky’s guilt for his success which he attributes it to being his betrayal of Gillian (Gretchen Mol), who he “gave” to the Commodore.

And, speaking of availability, I wish I could have the same luxury of time and freedom as this woman (even though it’s a joke but one can fantasize)

“I am cozy right now, this is my ideal state of warmth and comfortability, and I shall remain underneath this blanket for the next 150 days or until such time as the cold weather season has fully transpired,” the Providence resident confirmed to her boyfriend as she drew the comforter to her ears and curled up amongst several big, fluffy pillows.

Photo Courtesy: Onion

Photo Courtesy: Onion

Words of Advice: Mom As Caretaker to Sick Baby Edition

So, I’ve been held hostage for the past week by my little one who is suffering from croup. It’s one of those subtle sickness that seems to go away during the day and appear annoyingly at night when you are ready for your LO to go to sleep so that you can have a bit of freedom before your personal bedtime.

Because of his constricted airways, he doesn’t want me to leave his side ever, which is wonderful and annoying all at once.

Right now, LO is crying, requesting my attention all but five feet away from me from his playpen. He wants to be able to roam around the house. I put him in his playpen so that he would stop messing with the cable box and throwing his milk all over the floor.

so my advice for all those without children, ENJOY!

my advice for all those like me with little bitties, try to find time to do something for yourself.

This morning, I got to take a shower! Woo hoo!

Here’s 8 reasons you have no energy according to Huff Po


Cute and Fuzzy Pals

This morning Bill O’Reilly sat with Matt Lauer to talk about Patton, Ebola and all the pieces about Renée Zellweger plastic surgery shaming that emerged yesterday.

“I think she’s a good actress and people should just leave her alone,” says O’Reilly.

“Finally, something that we can agree on. Yes, let’s leave her alone” Lauer says at segment close.

Yes, let’s do that!

A Pew survey from last year found that 37 percent of college-age adults are on Instagram–an unprecedentedly prolific number of recorders of their own experience.

Aziz Ansari and Grover in stove pipe hats are trying to explain what the word “ridiculous” on Sesame Street.

Finally, here’s how to get the most foolproof mani ever from Refinery 29.

So Glad You Came

Dear husband has given me a 2 hour window to write so can’t dawdle. he’s at home watching The Affair, while LO swings a broom around, thinking that he’s cleaning or a majorette or something.

In the meantime, here’s a video:

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Words of Advice: How does one go about establishing an art collection?

Cat Weaver shared a some advice for budding art collectors with Yummicoco, which you can also find in GalleryIntell, called 6 Tips for Art Collectors, but whatever you know you want to read it here:
So in a nutshell, one should:
1. Learn 
Acquaint yourself with what you like. It helps to look around at a LOT of art w/out buying anything at first. Keep in mind the artists, styles, periods, etc. which you might like to collect.

2. Specialize! 

Think:  informed and cohesive. As Anne-Hélène Decaux of Artviatic put it,  “It’s important to collect what you like—what you’re attracted to—but it’s also important to build a collection that has а direction.”

3. Strategize

Keep in mind that as your collection develops and changes, so will the direction and focus of your collection. That is why it’s best to start slow, have a budget and let yourself get used to the process gradually. Develop a general strategy.

Hint: Limited and signed edition prints on paper are most affordable. Smaller editions create rarity and usually confer greater value on the prints. Also, the lower the number within the edition, often, but not always, the more valuable it is. It’s an easy science to master early on.

4. Get Advice

Good advice is crucial for the newbie collector. Seek advice about prices and how to evaluate new purchases. The idea is to keep your collection on course. Advisors, gallery directors, and fellow collectors are good sources of information.

5. Do Your Homework!

Even if you have an adviso; you must still do your homework before making important purchases. The internet is a great source for collectors who wish to learn about an artist’s reputation and potential. Check the artist’s site for her show history: who reps her? Do they show her work at international art fairs?

If your artist is well-known, you can check the art indices, or previous auction results to learn what she/he fetches at public auction and if sales are consistent and strong.

6. Maintain Focus

A good collection needs maintainance. Every year or so, ask yourself where it’s going. Edit what doesn’t’ fit. Build on what does. And keep records! Where you purchased your pieces, from whom, and what you paid, is important information that will add provenance to your pieces.