Did you know that terms like “no can do” and “the peanut gallery” come from extremely racist origins?! Me neither. But thanks to MTV’s Decoded host Franchesca Ramsey, six familiar terms get thrown some long-deserved shade.

Biggest mind blower—the phrase “hip hip hooray” was once a Nazi war cry “used to invade the Jewish ghettoes during the Holocaust.” WTF?!

The 5:30 short invites you to discover the hurtful history behind expressions many of us might use in our daily lives.

“Understanding where these words and phrases come from is an important part of understanding how racism and oppression have shaped the world we live in today,” she says.

Truer words have never been spoken.

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Looks like “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Jurassic World” star Chris Pratt needs to hang out in cities other than New York if he ever wants to get recognized.

In this funny bit from “Billy on the Street,” Billy, in signature panic-mode fashion, blankets a busy New York area with the actor in tow. One woman incorrectly placed him as “Star Trek” star Chris Evans, while a man mistook him for an actor named Liam. A group of tourists jumped happily thinking that they had just met Josh Duhamel.

Luckily for Chris, a woman named Renee properly puts the right name to his famous face, and even acknowledges knowing his wife, actress Anna Faris.

“She’s on the show “Mom,” Billy points out. “Oh, I don’t watch that…” Renee says. Hilarious.

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Que rico! In this clip, a 20-year-old Arizona woman named Lesly Villegas immediately weeps upon sampling a big bottle of Caffeine-Free Pepsi for the first time.

Lesly is allergic to caffeine, and has probably steered clear of any type of soda her whole life until that moment, thanks to her boyfriend Mario Rico.

“It’s good,” she says, weeping, probably feeling weird for having never tried soda (and for crying, of course). “I’ll buy you one,” Mario says to her.

Stock up your fridge now, Mario! You’ve now recruited another loyal soda drinker, and from now on all she’ll ever “want is a Pepsi.”


I caught the last 20 minutes of ‘Empire’ last night, deciding to skip ‘Blackish.’ I can’t believe I chose ‘Modern Family’ over the ‘Empire’ premiere. What was I thinking,

I saw online that Cookie was in a gorilla suit. I tuned in just in time to see some dude’s head in a box. I saw Chris Rock get iced by Luscious in prison. I can’t wait for more ridiculousness to unfold.

In the meantime, this “Vulture Remix”, New York Magazine mashes up scenes from FOX’s “surprise-mega-hit” show “Empire” with the theme song from 80s prime-time classic “Dynasty” for one triumphant opening sequence.

The majestic ride down memory lane (complete with a “vintage” video effect) features iconic first season moments from “Empire,” which returns for a second season on September 23.

New York Magazine’s Louis Plamondon and Josef Adalian write that the reason for this mashup is that “Fox’s overnight phenom” is missing “a grand opening credit sequence (and theme song) that sets the stage for the awesomeness that is to come.”

Included in this epic remix is Jamal Lyon performing “You’re So Beautiful” at the family “white party,” and Cookie and Lucious Lyon hooking up in a recording studio.


This politically-charged video is hardly a drag to watch! Elite Daily invites 12 drag queens to play a spicy game of “F*ck, Marry, Kill,” using the 2016 GOP candidates as bait.

And the queens don’t hold back when it comes to reading these candidates to filth: “Ted Cruz looks like someone that works in your office for years and you don’t know he’s there,” says FiFi Dubois. Then, Tina Burner provides the fatal blow to Cruz with, “he looks like one of those guys you just want to light on fire.”

Meanwhile, Marti Gould Cummings says she would marry Donald Trump “in a heartbeat,” because “you’d never have to see him, and the alimony is great.”

But at 0:36,  Yuhua Hamasaki serves up the most NSFW reasoning for wanting to get down and dirty with Marco Rubio, punctuated with loud slurping sounds.

Gurl, whatever sways your vote!

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Nicole Arbour’s Dear Fat People… Oh No You Better Don’t

If an opinion-giver ever says “I’m not saying this to be an asshole…” at any point during a speech, chances are they’re a jerk.

Case in point: comedian Nicole Arbour who has been the subject of scorn this weekend after posting a video titled, “Dear Fat People,” on September 4.

Nicole’s delivers over six minutes of highly offensive “bombs of truth,” meant to encourage overweight people to drop pounds because she wants to “keep them around” longer.

Presenting herself as one of our “ride-or dies,” Nicole serves up more insensitive lines than Ann Coulter could ever muster.

Since its release, the clip has banked over 21 million views on Facebook, catapulting her into a top trending topic. It even inspired a powerful smackdown by Whitney Way Thore of TLC’s “My Big Fat Fabulous Life,” racking up over 13 million views on Facebook.

In addition, Nicole has snagged over one million clicks on YouTube, even after her channel was “taken down” and then reinstated.

Throughout the six minute clip, crass-and-catty cuts abound, but the most inflammatory moment happens at 0:35, when Nicole says that “fat shaming is not a thing.”

“Fat people made that up,” she follows. “It’s like the race card with no race.”

Other not-so-brilliant remarks include, “There are no f*cking skeletons that look like the Michelin Man,” and “Excessive black women in church dresses is my favorite thing in the world.”

Nicole’s mean comments have sparked the body-shaming video to explode online. In addition to high viewership numbers, it also prompted an onslaught of separate Nicole Arbour-slamming comments, tweets, and videos from people like YouTube star Grace Helbig.

“To me, it looks like you are using a controversial, and personal topic to leverage subscribers and attention in a really negative way which really bums me out,” says an emotional Helbig. It’s in Grace’s on-point assessment of Nicole Arbour that she also reveals that she overcame “dark” and “personal” body image issues in her life as well.

Model Tess Holliday addressed the viral video directly in a series of tweets, including: “Fat shaming doesn’t save lives, it kills them.”

But despite the backlash, it would appear that Nicole Arbour is not backing down from her original statements.

In one tweet, she makes the bold claim that if she were a man, people would have LOL’d and moved on. She’s also added the hashtag #GoTeam to many of her posts online as a means to track all the jeers and cheers associated with “Dear Fat People.”

Seems like she’s going to milk her cruel twist of fame for as long as possible.

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What a gem! Sapphire the horse expertly uses his lips to play a sweet melody on a Casio keyboard like he’s preparing to audition for ‘America’s Got Talent.’

Posted by Dee and Sapphire, it’s a joy to watch this musical wonder doing what he “loves” by making music with his mouth.

If this clip’s piqued your interest for more lip action, there’s another rousing Sapphire clip, complete with a back-up dancer.

Pucker up, Buttercup!

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Are you a carbon sample? Because there are five nerdy people that want to DATE you. Presented POV-style by BuzzFeed, these men and women serve up 21 pick-up lines that are so geeky they just might work.

These smarties reach deep into their utility belts to deliver 21 pick-up lines that are chock-full of math & science references. There are also loads of allusions to computers. “Are you WiFi?” a bespectacled dude wants to know, “because I feel a connection.”

One guy on the prowl, rolling up in a responsible looking sedan, stops to make Velociraptor sounds at 0:54 that are more intense than anything heard in ‘Jurassic World.’

A female smartypants and Harry Potter-lover goes for the win asking a would-be conquest, “mind if I slither into your chamber of secrets?”

Um, no, but thanks for asking.

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