This Is For Everyone Who’s Ever Had To Deal With Upstairs Neighbors

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The guys over at Above Average hit a grand slam with this video entitled “Everyone’s Upstairs Neighbor.” It’s so funny, that it literally hits home with anyone that has ever had to endure the constant disturbances of an upstairs neighbor.

From dropping chains on the floor, faking sex moans, rolling metal beer kegs, and even popping balloons, upstairs couple Julia and David create “sounds” that they believe to be artistic forms of expression, all while annoying the crap out of their downstairs neighbor.

“It sounds like a baby the size of a giant is learning how to walk,” says the downstairs neighbor angrily. Yes, you’re so right, now pack your bags and move, sista!



[REBLOG from The Flama]

A party supply store, Piñata Jumpolin, in the eastside of Austin, was reduced to rubble, unbeknownst to store owners, Monica and Sergio Lejarazu, by building landlords for a party to take place during SXSW. The store, which was in the location for 8 years, was just featured in a hilarious skit on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

rbz Pinata Demolition 01

This upsetting news also points to the fact that Austin is the most economically segregated city in the country, according to Austin Culture Map.

Its obviously getting worse, considering callous disregard for the store owners, and the illegal bulldozing that was done without due process of law, or common compassion.

It was the morning of February 12, as he was driving his daughter to school, that Sergio Lejarazu discovered that the store that he co-owned with his wife for eight years, selling custom, hand-made moonwalks, piñatas imported from Mexico, and more, was demolished, allegedly without warning, with their inventory still inside. Sergio describes to Austin Culture Map:“That’s when I saw it: my life’s work under the bulldozer.”

The couple, who has a lease until 2017, soon filed a lawsuit for the bulldozing against their landlords, Jordan French and Darius Fisher, operating as F&F Real Estate Ventures. Oddly enough, French and Fisher also run Status Labs, an image consulting firm. As their Twitter bio reads, “Our mission is simple: To improve your online and offline image.” They clearly need to hire someone other than their company for their cruel actions.

Protests calling for Justice for Jumpolin ensued, the planned SXSW party was cancelled, and a Facebook page called Justice For Jumpolin Community Action surfaced.

Now this is where the story gets racist, and downright disrespectful:

Property owners of the Jumpolin site since only October 2014, French and Fisher claim that they gave the Lejarazu family plenty of notice.

They allege that since October 2014, they’ve sent at least three notices via email and certified mail to the Lejarazu family, regarding defects, lease violations, and past due rent.

“They had paid their rent in full; the ‘default’ was cured even though they were not in default,” Lajarazu’s attorney Doran Peters tells Austin Culture Map.

“The bottom line is, [the owners] have plans to build on that piece of property, and my clients’ contractual right to have possession of the premises just was getting in the way of that,” says Peters.

And now for the kicker:

In an interview with Austin Culture Map, co-landlord Jordan French defends the demolitionsuggesting that the Lajarazu family don’t make enough money selling piñatas, mentioning Sergio Lajarazu stolen bicycle arrest and speculating that the family was involved with selling “uncontrolled substances.”


“That’s just my opinion, though,” French continues. “Say you have a house that was infested by roaches, you have to clean that up.” As an image consultant, French must be aware of what a derogatory term “roaches” is for Mexicans.

Unfortunately, the Austin Police Department will not be charging the property owners as the company has city permits to demolish the building.

The only choice is for the Lejarazu family to fight in civil court, which they are currently pursuing.

In the meantime, a Travis County judge issued an injunction on March 3, halting any construction on the Jumpolin property at 1401 E. Cesar Chavez until the case is heard.

And on March 12, Texas State Representative Eddie Rodriguez, whose district includes the bulldozed Jumpolin location, filed a bill that would make it illegal to flatten property without briefing tenants.

If this story pisses you off, there are things you can do.

  1. Support Monica and Sergio Lejarazu by donating to them as they no longer have a business. Go to this gofundme page.
  2. Ask the city of Austin to boycott “all F&F Real Estate Ventures, Darius Fisher, Jordan French and all related businesses for their blatantly racist violent actions and speech.” Read the entire statement from organizations such as NAACP and PODER here. Tweet your thoughts to Austin at@austintexasgov.

Special thanks to Christopher Ledesma for creating the cartoon we used as the main image and forLatina, for letting us know about this story.

Below: Owner Sergio Lejarazu leaning in to give Jimmy Kimmel a hug as Guillermo Rodriguez looks on.

Pet Peeves That Drive Couples Crazy

Who would’ve thought using the blender could ever be inconsiderate to someone else? However, as many couples will tell you, pet peeves between loved ones grow like fungus, especially if you spend a ton of time together. This clip strikes all the right chords in what pisses couples off most.

Inspired by the uber-precious 2001 love story, “Amélie,” Georgette and Frank are co-habitants who get on each other’s nerves with their unique quirks like scraping plates loudly, sleeping lightly and using teeth to eat with utensils. It also shows that despite how unnerving hanging out together all the time can be, it still beats going outside in a blizzard, or spending time with friends that puke in purses. That certainly counts for something!

And His Name Is El Hombre Orquesta De Acapulco.

The one-man band known as El Hombre Orquesta De Acapulco carries the weight of pan flutes, cymbals and more on his shoulders, all while keeping a beat in a way that’s entertaining to watch. He starts off by performing Santana’s classic hit, “Oye Como Va,” and goes on to play other songs.

Despite the awesomeness that is El Hombre, the fact that his performance is captured in a doctor’s office is beyond bizarre. Was he there to entertain the nurses? Guard the eye exam chart behind him? Who knows, but we still got love for you, El Hombre!

An Act of Keanu Kindness

First rule of sitting in a New York City subway: Don’t stare at anyone. Second rule of sitting in a New York City subway: If you see Keanu Reeves, you must strategically film him with your phone. After all, a Keanu sighting in a natural setting is like seeing a unicorn, and it must be documented for the world to see.

Keep watching past the first 30 seconds for the big payoff: a random act of Keanu kindness.

The Reality of Meeting Woman

Rejection sucks, however not having the courage to talk to the perfect stranger is way worse. Comedian Paul Gale plays his own worst enemy in this clip, sitting on a subway platform in New York, imagining relationships with the random women he sees waiting for the train.

From daydreaming varied possibilities of getting dumped, to the death of a spouse, Paul spends way too much time in his head. Don’t miss the funny ending when he realizes all his dreams are about to come true.

Just The Tips: Bookshelves

Bookshelves not only serve as a means to display books, they also support the interests of a person or an entire household.


A major furnishing, books, that seems to get pushed to the bottom of the list of things to consider when decorating a new home, is now gaining a great deal of momentum in the design world.


Ready to install a new bookcase, or looking for a bookshelf refresher? Check out these three special tips that will put you on the design path for success!

Tip #1: Bookshelves Can Conceal (While Adding Appeal)

A great bookcase can cover up what you might not want others to see.


In the picture above, interior designer Jamie Drake added a floor-to-ceiling cabinet with storage and bookshelves to conceal a structural column.


To create a seamless divide between a master bedroom and a sitting room, furniture designer, Martino Gamper, created openwork shelving for the Paris home of head designer of Yves Saint Laurent, Stefano Pilati.

Tip #2: Bookcase Organization is Key

Yes, organizing a bookcase is a mundane task, but consider the beauty that organized books can lend to a room. If the contents of your bookcase are randomly strewn about, endeavor to make a visual impact with your books!

Organizing books by color looks more streamlined and vibrant…


While paring down your collection can open space for anything new like favorite accessories, art or family photos.


Tip #3: Think Outside the Home Library

Bookshelves are no longer just for the living room. Convert a closet into a reading nook. Add a bookcase in your kitchen or bedroom. There are a myriad of possibilities!




Just the Tips: Incorporating Marble Into Your Home’s Design

Marble is making a huge comeback in the interior design world these days. If you are under the impression that marble can come off looking heavy-handed, and austere, think again. There are a myriad of ways to achieve a fresh, modern look with marble. Stay ahead of the curve with three helpful tips to incorporating marble into your home decor.


 Tip #1:  Use Marble In Small Doses

In the past, adding marble into your home was an expensive, and significant commitment. If you are ready to incorporate marble into your home’s design, the key to making a big impact is via accents and statement pieces.


Don’t overwhelm the eye with too many pieces! With marble, less is definitely more.


Another advantage to starting with smaller marble accessories is that you can try out the trend before taking a lasting plunge with a large-scale item.


Tip #2:Think Beyond Your Grandma’s Ornate Living Room Sculptures 

In the world of marble, there are so many styles to choose from, that you’ll appreciate the versatility and uniqueness of this timeless and elegant design element can bring.


London-based designer Lee Broom’s tube suspension lamp, which resembles an upscale take on a fluorescent tube, is an LED fixture made from a cylinder of marble with incredibly thin walls.

An open stairwell can becomes a sculptural focal point…


A kitchen and/or bathroom are also perfect rooms that can effectively capture that luxe pop of classical style.


The beauty and elegance that marble brings to a kitchen or bathroom is always a solid sender. Of course, marble in the kitchen or bathroom is nothing new, but lately there have been new and different ways to use marble that are worth a look (and second look).


Tip #3: Marble Is Not A Perfect Product

Your marble must be sealed and cleaned regularly. For cleaning, use only a mild detergent solution or a product specially designed for marble. Good-quality marbles, like the world-famous products from Carrara, Italy, are dense and relatively nonporous.


Although they are durable and stain-resistant, they also have weaknesses, and can react negatively to acids like lemon juice or vinegar. These kitchen liquids can etch marble, leaving dull, whitish marks on marble countertops. It’s important to choose carefully, know what to expect, and care for your beautiful marble so that they can lasts a lifetime.